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“CCS has enabled me a job in a field where I fit perfectly. After graduating I was under extreme pressure and stress to land the right job. Chris Steeds has been patient, efficient and very helpful through this process. I got extremely lucky with the agency. The first school that I was placed in, has now given me a full time permanent position. I am grateful that I contacted Chris for the job. Thanks a ton!”

Navya Diwan

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Looking for employees in education has been such a great process with CCS. The team here have been so supportive and helpful. Cant thank them enough for all their help.


“Moving to the UK was a big step for me, and finding a job was my first goal. CCS has been nothing short of an amazing experience and made this goal a reality.The team at this agency are very attentive, competent and have the client’s best interest. My advisor was an excellent communicator, and explained the process thoroughly. From the very first conversation with Luke, I felt like he prioritised my needs and his responses were fast. I am thrilled to work with this agency. I would certainly recommend anyone to use Complete Classroom Services without any hesitation”

Lena Lopez

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